SOZO Prayer Ministry

Sozo is a Greek word translated "saved, healed, delivered”.  The Sozo Ministry originated in Bethel church where Bill Johnson is the Senior Pastor, and was founded in 1997 by Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher.

Bethel Sozo is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry which gets to the root of those things hindering our personal connection with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Using the SOZO tools, and following the leading of the Holy Spirit, the Sozo team will prayerfully facilitate the identification and healing of past wounds, and the lies that we have believed as a result of those wounds,  which may be affecting our current lives.  Throughout this process, the wounds are healed, strongholds of the enemy are broken, and new revelations and truth are revealed about ourselves, about God and our relationship with Him.

Sozo is not a counselling session, but a time of ministry through interaction with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which leads to greater freedom, wholeness and the pursuit of our destiny in God.

If you would like to book a Sozo Ministry session, please contact the church office on
(07) 4153 2577 or email
Your details will be kept confidential, and the Sozo Team Leader will subsequently contact you to arrange a suitable time.


"Wow! I found Sozo was so efficient, painless and even funny at times.  As the Holy Spirit showed me things I needed to resolve, I was able to be set free from them straight away. I now have a much closer relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and have let go of the "Junk” that was hindering me from moving closer to being the person God created me to be.”

"I really appreciated my Sozo ministry time, I knew that I had an anger issue in my life and I knew I needed God to influence this, what I didn’t know was that by doing the Sozo ministry that not only would God heal me of that, but He also revealed many truths about himself to me. 
Through the facilitators, God did some huge healing in my heart from things that I didn’t even know were affecting my journey with Him.  I am truly grateful for my ministry time and have been able to hold onto my new learned truths to grow and become close with my Father God.”

"My first Sozo session left me feeling so empowered, refreshed and free.  I was given time to hear God about certain areas of my life and experience such healing, especially in relationships. My experience in the SOZO session brought such an overwhelming sense of joy, peace and restoration over my life that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. I would recommend a SOZO session to anyone.”

If you would like to make an appointment please email
(all emails are strictly confidential)