Silver Vessels 50+


Aspiring to be Vessels of Honour Proverbs 25:4 2 Timothy 2:20-21

At Citicoast Church, we value relationships. One way that we can build great relationship is to make time to meet with each other and just have fun!!! Silver Vessels is for everyone aged 50+ to meet together and encourage each other in this journey of life.

We meet  every week (except for school holidays) and  social days and ministry days. These events are held on a Wednesday starting from 10 am. Details of specific mornings will be available prior to the events and on the quarterly Citicoast Calendar.


Silver Vessels meet socially  a few times a  month sometimes to view a movie at the Moncrieff Theatre and sometimes for a  fellowship lunch.  Details of these events are on the Silver Vessels term sheet or by contacting Ps Ken.


Ministry mornings are held at Citicoast Church in the back auditorium. We share morning tea and fellowship, praise & prayer,  followed by teachings & discussions that equip us to do this season of our journey well .

For further details regarding Silver Vessels, contact Ps Ken Riddell at